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You could use several different organizations for your needs, or you could come to us and have all of your marketing needs handled under one roof. This ensures that your message is delivered consistently and on-strategy.


A La Carte Options

Brand Creation & Positioning

Having a well-defined brand position is essential to helping distinguish your company amongst the competition in today’s overly-saturated markets. Gaining an understanding of your business model and getting to the root of what makes your company tick will help us identify a specific message and develop strong strategic positioning to establish your business’s unique point of difference.

In-store merchandising/POP

Competition for consumer loyalty and brand awareness has increased ten fold in the last decade. Developing strategies and unique solutions at the point-of-sale within traditional brick-and-mortar stores has become increasingly important to ensure a healthy sales margin. From big-box stores and end cap displays to sales programs and ideation, Alpha Dog Advertising can help you and your team develop an engaging and informative piece that will help your customer understand your product’s benefits over those of your competition.

Strategic planning

Alpha Dog Advertising has a knack for breaking down the most complex business models and identifying core strengths that will resonate with target audiences. After gaining an understanding of your goals, we identify the prime potential audiences and develop a strategic marketing plan to communicate your point of difference and help create additional revenue opportunities for your business. Some organizations refer to this as message mapping … we think of it as a foundation for positive results.

Consumer & trade print advertising

We create ads that are more than just a pretty picture. We focus on developing innovative, stand-out designs that are driven by strong key-messaging that get noticed and remembered.

Print/production management

From production processes, to print standards, to paper and finishing choices– Alpha Dog Advertising is equipped with print expertise, allowing the ability to offer a variety of suggestions to best fit project needs. Our extensive knowledge of print production options provides design flexibility to create innovative, unique print pieces.

Web design & programming

In the fast-paced world of web design and development, it’s important to stay on top of the rules and regulations, as well as the trends. We believe that the visual design of a website should be an accurate translation of your brand and the functionality should be smooth, easy to navigate, and to the point.

Social Media

Whether it’s an all-out campaign for a specific promotion or monthly management to maintain a presence – we have you covered across any social media platform.

Identity packages

We view the process of developing an identity package as creating the visual signature of your brand that everyone will grow to know and remember. It sets the foundation for your brand and everything that will follow.

Interior branding

Reinforce your brand’s position and help define a unique experience for your customers and your employees through interior branding. We’ll create an experiential design through use of wall graphics, 3-D lettering, vignettes, interactive displays, and more. Everything you need to develop a brand building culture.

Media planning & buying

We research the best media outlets and opportunities that are specific to your target audience and develop an integrated marketing plan that includes a media schedule to ensure balanced run dates in conjunction with other marketing efforts. We also secure media buys and manage any media representatives.

E-blast campaigns

Reach existing and potential clients effectively about anything from new products or services, announcements, or general updates through e-blasts. The benefit of this program is the ability to track open & close rates, read rates, and click through rates to measure effectiveness.

Trade shows

From things as simple as collateral, posters, and pop-up banners to the more complex modular booth set-ups– we’ll assess your needs, offer suggestions for display options, develop the graphics and messaging, manage production, and even help walk you through an initial set-up demonstration.

Public Relations

Promoting your company through use of PR can be a great way to establish and reinforce your brand image. Alpha Dog Advertising will assess the best ways to communicate your story to the public – whether it be newspapers, magazines, websites, TV programs, social media, a conference or a special event. We can develop materials needed and manage outreach to the media to help spread the word.

Video Productions

From tv commercials to internal educational tools and public service announcements to general awareness videos— we have experience executing video productions of all sizes. We’ll handle the art direction, storyboards, scriptwriting, talent-scouting and everything in between. We partner with some of the best in the industry to bring the production value you’re looking for.

Looking to develop a partnership program, generate new leads, plan an event, or gain assistance with research? Almost no task is out of our team’s reach. Throw us a bone to let us know what you’re in need of and we’ll do what we can to help!

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