Our Point of Difference

What makes us different than other agencies? Our experience in marketing management within a Fortune 100 company provides a unique perspective: to view organizations from the outside in and the inside out. A dual view — one that allows us to look at your challenges holistically.
When you’re deciding on a marketing expert, wouldn’t you want one that was responsible for budgets and ROI?

Other agencies may talk about creating buzz, but can they deliver a better bottom line? No organization or brand became the industry leader because of talk; it got there by developing a marketing strategy that resulted in the sale of their goods or services. At Alpha Dog Advertising, we take responsibility for leading your brand to better revenue.

“Your brand is unique, it’s not like other brands out there and you know it. But does your target know it?”

Craig E.Trout


At Alpha Dog Advertising our focus is developing strong brand positions from the inside out. We work hard to explore, understand and uncover the key differences your business has to offer your customers that will help separate you from the competition.

Differences that are relevant and meaningful. Differences that will place you in front of the competition and provide opportunities for better revenue.

Let’s face it, there is only one reason to invest in marketing and advertising – to enhance your brand’s opportunities for financial growth.

If you are looking for something more than just a design agency or web house, than we might be the perfect fit for your marketing and branding needs.



How do we do it? We use time-tested, common sense marketing strategies that deliver success. No fancy made-up charts and graphs or clever processes disguised as a proprietary formula. Our method is straight forward and our clients “get it” right away. Without the correct message, it is all just pretty pictures.

As simple as it seems it takes hard work to uncover what your product or service has to offer over the competition. And that’s just the beginning!

Most importantly, unlike other agencies, you are part of the process. We feel that collaboration is the foundation to building successful programs and strategies.

“Problems cannot be solved by using the same level of thinking that created them.”

Our Process

  • Understand the market place and marketing objectives
  • DEFINE the marketing advantages that are SIGNIFICANT points of difference from the competition and constitute a MEANINGFUL benefit to the target audience
  • Never accept a parity situation
  • Collaborate and finalize the strategy
  • Present the product or service in a way that:
  • Clearly registers the point of difference
  • Clearly registers the benefit
  • Is engaging and memorable
  • Build a program
  • Measure results against the starting objectives

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