Your Team



With a head for strategy and an eye for creative, Craig represents a new style of agency leadership. Ask anyone who has worked with Craig and they’ll tell you his positive upbeat attitude has a way of turning the toughest situations into a well organized assault that delivers results time and time again; this can be attributed to his 25+ years of experience in communications and marketing. Craig’s laughter and wit can be heard throughout the halls and his smile can brighten just about anyone’s day.



When it comes to numbers and squeezing three dimes out of a quarter, Kathy does it with style. Responsible for P&L and keeping the agency running smoothly there is no one like our Kathy. Though you may not see her in the day to day business setting, she is managing the books and on the phone constantly. All this while she runs a greenhouse too!



Erin brings years of agency experience and a keen eye for copyediting to Alpha Dog. Her marketing intuition combined with a pragmatic approach is a win-win for all her clients. She holds a bachelor’s degree in communication from the University of Delaware, with minors in German and history. Erin is also part of the copy team for the international soccer magazine Howler.



After four years as a senior designer at a digital marketing agency, Sarah brings a diversity of design experience and expertise to Alpha Dog Advertising. She holds a BFA in fine arts from Millersville University, as well as an associate’s degree in graphic design from Bradley Academy. She is passionate about creating smart, meaningful design and relishes learning new skills and sharpening her existing ones. When she’s not creating pretty things, Sarah is often reading books or watching horror flicks. She also enjoys hiking, a nice glass of wine, and kicking back with her friends and family.



With experience in both digital and traditional marketing, Shannon helps create and manage multi-level campaigns for clients of all sizes. She holds a BA in Communication with a concentration in Media & Journalism, and a Minor in Dance from the University of Hartford. Her interests and experience within written, visual, and performing arts have provided a great background for working in advertising and marketing, as she understands the importance and detail involved in developing a brand and telling a story.



Debbie comes to Alpha Dog with over fifteen years’ experience working in the marketing communications industry, with a focus on B2B. She is passionate about learning new digital technologies, but is not distracted by trends, so she can stay focused on tactics that align with long-term goals. She leads others enthusiastically and effortlessly manages detailed strategies to get positive results. Debbie spends her free time chasing after her beautiful toddler daughter and enjoys painting and weekend getaways to the beach with her family.



With a background focused on coupon print ads, Devon is entering this new world of marketing with an eagerness to learn. She brings to the table experience having worked with a diverse business and client population, in addition to her knowledge regarding the print process. Devon’s patience and understanding that the design and marketing of your business is a calling card, is demonstrated by her willingness for you to always be happy with your final product. Devon’s “yes” mentality shines through in her desire to be a team player and take on any challenge thrown at her.



A lover of nature, dogs, art, and vodka, Jade grew up in Central PA surrounded by forest creatures. She is a creative through and through, and holds a BFA in graphic design from Pennsylvania College of Art & Design. Before joining Alpha Dog, Jade worked as a visual merchandiser, then in an agency designing for both print and web. There is nothing more satisfying to her than being given an artistic challenge and solving it in a smart, unique way. When she isn’t designing, Jade can usually be found crafting, attempting to build things, or cuddling with her two boisterous dogs.