FOR 2015

To help prepare you for the New Year, here is a list of a few marketing trends you can expect to see throughout 2015:

1. Content Marketing: B2B companies with blogs bring in almost 70% more leads than those without blogs. By putting out interesting and industry related content, you will be seen as an industry thought leader. Ensure your posts are paired with strong calls to action as well as your personal opinion on the topic. Interesting content is one of the top three reasons people follow brands on social media – so add some extra bark to your blog to attract readers.

2. Marketing Analytics: Companies are set to spend a 60% increase on marketing analytics tools. These tools help companies find out what is working and what is not working – and offer insights into why their digital marketing efforts may be failing. Once a company gains this knowledge, they can adapt their campaigns to align better with customer behavior.

3. Push to Mobile: Experts predict more people will access the internet through their mobile devices than their desktop computers in 2015. In order to successfully adapt to this trend, companies must ensure they have responsive websites, something we at Alpha Dog Advertising have been helping clients create. The challenge companies will face in 2015 is creating a positive digital experience for their consumers.

4. Radical Transparency: Consumers exert the most power and influence in the business world – and they are calling for total transparency. Radical transparency scares most businesses which is why many have strayed away from it. In 2015 the brands that come out on top will be the ones who open up and give an accurate and real time picture of what they are doing at any given time to their consumers. With the right help and a well thought out plan, you can turn this intimidating trend in your favor and start gaining a greater audience.