New Employee Spotlight: Kristen Berndt, Art Director

We are thrilled to welcome Kristen Berndt to the Doghouse as the newest member of our team. Kristen proudly grew up in Lancaster County before attending Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, where she earned a bachelor of fine arts in communications design / graphic design. With a rich background in art, design, and marketing, she has already made a significant impact on our company and clients.

As art director, Kristen brings a fresh perspective and innovative ideas to our marketing strategies. Her wealth of knowledge spans various marketing channels, including graphic design, social media, podcasts, and content creation. With a strong background and can-do attitude, Kristen has already spearheaded design projects for numerous marketing campaigns, resulting in increased brand visibility and customer engagement for our clients.

Working in Lancaster reminds Kristen of her time in New York City, with its diverse restaurants, festivals, and local hotspots. Aside from her favorite restaurants like Rachel’s Creperie and Decades, you’ll also spot her at Lancaster’s annual VegFest and Buchanan Park’s dog park with Wynnie, her husky-Samoyed mix.

Kristen’s creativity and collaborative spirit make her a valuable asset to Alpha Dog. Her skills and passions complement and enrich our team, and we are thrilled to have her on board.

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