SCAD Alumna Anya Witmer Joins the Alpha Dog Team

Alpha Dog is thrilled to introduce one of the newest members of our creative department — graphic designer Anya Witmer, a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts in graphic design. She also recently earned a master’s degree of professional studies in UX design from Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA).

Anya grew up in Lancaster County and eventually moved to Georgia to attend SCAD, one of the top art schools in the country, well-known for its practical applications of fine arts and helping students form connections with other professionals in the field. Students at SCAD come from all over the world to learn from some of the best professors and take part in rigorous studies.

We sat down with Anya to find out more about the journey that led her from Lancaster County to Savannah, Georgia, and back again. Here’s what she had to say.

Q: What led you to SCAD?

A: I started researching the top schools for graphic design and knew I wanted to move to another state to gain a different perspective. SCAD was very high on the list. My logic was, if you go to a great school that’s well-known, you’ll have a variety of opportunities when it’s time to search for a job.

I did a campus visit, with my camera in hand, for three days and explored River Street, Tybee Island, and famous landmarks. I fell in love with the magnolia trees, hanging moss, and the preserved architecture. After seeing the campus and the unique tools they had to offer, I decided to enroll in online classes until I could move to Savannah.

Q: What were your initial experiences like at SCAD?

A: My initial experience included a lot of late nights and paper scraps covering my floor. I worked heavily on the foundations and principals of design, which involved a lot of analog work. Having to do large still-life charcoal drawings, paintings, and 3D modeling (all in my bedroom) was very challenging, but I improved in many skills, including drawing, painting, and 3D modeling.

Q: How did your experiences at SCAD influence your career path?

A: SCAD helped me realize that if you are determined, you can accomplish anything. It taught me that you get what you put into a project, so if you put a lot of time and effort into something, you’ll have a great outcome.

My accomplishments at SCAD also propelled me into a master’s degree. I decided to attend Maryland Institute College of Art and expand my educational experience in UX design. It’s where I learned the importance of research in any design field. While UX design is more analytical and human-centered, there are many aspects I’ve learned to integrate into my design process.

Q: Now that you’re back in Lancaster, what do you like most about being home?

A: I came back to Lancaster to be near family, but I also like all of Lancaster’s coffee shops, especially Prince Street Cafe.

Q: What drew you to Alpha Dog Advertising?

A: I really wanted to be in a team-based environment. After being in a collaborative master’s program, I realized I learn more in a team-based setting, and being in an office environment facilitates that. I also like how Alpha Dog shows respect to their clients, their users, and their target audience.

Anya’s broad range of creative and technical skills are a true asset to our clients, and we are proud of the hard work and determination she puts into every project. If you’re interested in learning more about everything Alpha Dog offers and how our creative department can help your brand increase revenue, contact us to set up a meeting. We’d love to help your business grow.