Traffic Plan

How can an established company increase their workforce and expand into new markets?

What We Provided

Brand Positioning
Brand Video
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Equipment Direct Mail
Geotargeted Digital Advertising
Promotional Items
Recruitment Brochure
Recruitment Video
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Social Media
Trade Show Displays
Training Support


Traffic Plan came to us with a good problem to have—they had plenty of prospective work, but needed to increase their workforce to ensure they could complete it to their high standards. They wanted to attract more qualified candidates, particularly retirees and those with a law enforcement background. In addition, Traffic Plan was looking to the future, to expand into new service areas within the next few years. To do so, they knew they needed help to set themselves apart from the competition.


To best position Traffic Plan for future growth, we helped them define what they stand for as a company and what sets them apart from their competition. In their line of work, they have to be safe—but who are they keeping safe? And why? Traffic Plan’s customers include utility companies, departments of transportation, and others who conduct work to keep our day-to-day lives moving forward. They ensure common goods like water, electricity, heat, and roadways are in good working repair. In a word, Traffic Plan partners with their customers to ensure progress. Thinking about how the company protects their customers and the traveling public while this work is completed for the greater good led us to their brand promise: Partners in progress. United by purpose. To promote this brand position, we created marketing communications campaigns that aligned with their business objectives. We used their newly developed audience personas and brand voice to strategically plan internal and external tactics. Our goal for the internal audience was to energize the Traffic Plan family and recruit new individuals to join the team. The result has been dramatic, with an increase in applications, qualified candidates, and new employees in training. Externally, we worked with the company’s expert women-owned leadership to develop customized communications for each of their audiences that identify their “pain points” and offer a unique Traffic Plan solution.