How Alpha Dog Explored a “What if…?” to Create an Exciting “What’s Next?!”

Our Client Mid-Atlantic Steel Fabrication is a full-service custom metal fabricator. They’d been doing some work creating stalls, gates, and hardware for equestrian facilities – but they wanted to do more.

Being well established in the industrial and home spaces (for products such as stairs and railings), how could they break out and gain a stronger foothold in the equestrian market?

What If…

Their equestrian products had their own brand, distinct from the Mid‑Atlantic Steel Fabrication brand?

1. Alpha Dog
the Marketplace

We researched the existing landscape to learn:

  • Who’s already providing metalwork for horse stalls?
  • What are their unique selling propositions?
  • What are their price points?
  • Who’s buying their products?

We examined these same questions for Mid-Atlantic Steel Fabrication — and found the market sweet spot where they could stand out and compete.

2. Alpha Dog
a Brand

We built a new equestrian-focused brand — Blackwood Equestrian Stalls — to reflect the company and its products and to appeal to people interested in custom equestrian metalwork. We developed the brand’s:

  • Name and logo
  • Color palette
  • Messaging
  • Website
  • Print & digital ad campaigns
  • Trade show graphics & collateral

3. Alpha Dog
a Marketing Plan

We identified which tactics would most effectively reach their audiences and when to execute them. Within the first month of the brand’s launch, Blackwood received:

  • Nearly 2,000 website visits
  • 9 website form submissions
  • 20 leads

And their web numbers more than tripled in the following two months, bringing in phone and email inquiries in addition to their form fills. The Blackwood brand messaging seemed to be resonating with their audiences.

What’s Next?

Blackwood Equestrian Stalls has projects booked out for the majority of 2022, including a massive equestrian project in Florida featuring more than 200 horse stalls.

Thanks to their new brand and marketing plan, Blackwood is receiving quality leads for the type of projects they want to be doing — and they’ve increased their opportunities for revenue.

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