Not Your Grandfather’s

Long gone are the days when a newsletter was put together by the company president’s assistant using clip art and a free software program. Today’s newsletters are more sophisticated than ever, resembling slick mini-magazines rather than just something thrown together. When done correctly, newsletters provide a wealth of opportunities for a brand beyond just another touch point:


  • Newsletters can offer industry advice and tips and tricks that support your position as a leader in your category.
  • With Google’s current search engine algorithm looking for original content, a newsletter, when archived on your existing website, provides fresh content on a regular basis. This can help improve your authenticity and therefore your brand’s search results.
  • As part of a new-business development strategy, a well-done newsletter can help soften cold calls or initial introductions. Sending your newsletter to prospective clients ahead of time is a sure way to keep your brand at the top of their mind.
  • Conventional newsletters can be converted to digital editions. These can then be part of an e-mail campaign with the added benefit of driving prospects and clients to your website. Digital editions can also be created to include video content and direct links to your website or other digital outlets.
  • Newsletters can also be used as a successful employee-recruitment tool, providing insights into and excitement around your brand. As the Baby Boomer generation exits the workforce, the race to acquire qualified talent will increase.


Yes, newsletters can be an integral part of a brand strategy, as well as a recruitment and new-business development tool. The keys are creating solid content, having a distinct point of view, sharing your expertise, and keeping articles to a manageable reading size. Combine all this with design that engages and excites the reader, and you have a winning newsletter.

Interested in starting a newsletter for your brand? Contact us today, and let us help you develop one that will lead your brand to better revenue opportunities.