Rules of Engagement:
6 Steps to Social Media Success

Social media has become the new standard of communication for both our personal and professional routine! Even more so than traditional means of communicating news, events and your life’s monumental moments; online posts endure and are readily available from the time you click submit.

Just as you strive to maintain a positive perception for your business in the physical world, in the virtual world the same rules of awareness apply. Here are six key principles to keep in mind while posting online.

1. Rule of Engagement:

Conduct social media post in a manner that would be reflective of your face-to-face interaction with your audience. Be mindful of the tone and content of your post. You do not want to create a post that could be embarrassing for you or your company.

2. For All to See:

Use social media communications as an opportunity to engage your audience in a professional and notable manner. Keep in mind that all of your posts are public and available for consumption at any time – day or night.

3. State Your Claim:

If you are posting on social media sites for your company, cap off your post with your name and title to validate your post as coming from someone who’s in the know and help position you as an industry thought leader.

4. Reuse It:

When re-posting content from another source, you want to give an authentic and independent perspective. Add commentary to the post in order to support why the subject matter is pertinent knowledge for your audience.

5. Position It:

Strive to weave in your brand’s position or point of difference as it relates to your topic. This allows you to deliver key information to your audience in a way that upholds brand continuity.

6. The Power in Hand:

With great power, comes great responsibility. Social media outlets allow the user to post everything from their company’s new successes to what they had for dinner. Social media is a tool, not a toy. Keep conflict or other views that may reflect poorly on you or your company off line.

With constant updates and changes, social media has become a part of our everyday lives. It is imperative that if you only remember one of these key points let it be this; post with poise – avoid content that could reflect poorly on you or your brand.