Bring Your Marketing Strategy
out of the Stone Age

Is your e-mail marketing strategy stuck in the Stone Age? If the methods your company chooses to use are outdated, your company will not see results. The following list will get you started on bringing your e-mail marketing strategies into the 21st century.

Going Mobile

Today’s society is a fast-paced, “move it or lose it” world, and people want information fast and right at their fingertips. Movable Ink’s US Consumer Device Preference Report stated that 65% of e-mails are now viewed on mobile devices, and that number is continuing to grow every day. One of the most important things to remember when you are making your information mobile is to keep it easy and user-friendly. Keeping information responsive will allow users to easily see pertinent information without pinching their screen or zooming in to get the full effect. Again, fast and easy to read information is key. It has been stated that when a user cannot easily see the e-mail on their mobile device, it is quickly skipped over or deleted without being viewed. Having information that is responsive is important because no matter what size the screen is the content will automatically adapt to the display.


Whether you are walking around the mall or down a city sidewalk, you are highly likely to see someone on their mobile device. In the waiting room at a doctors office, you do not see people looking at magazines anymore, instead you see them looking at Facebook or Twitter. Having a presence on social media allows businesses to interact with modern day consumers. That information gets shared to the consumer’s friends, then their friend’s friends, and so on. Hashtags are also helpful on social media because it encourages users to join the conversation and allows you to track these interactions. Tracking hashtags is a helpful tool when identifying your brand’s advocates and to see how relevant your posts are. This will allow you to see what was popular or not popular for future posts and e-mails.


To remain relevant, you must know your audience. You do not want to spend the money or time creating ads and e-mails for people who will not look or like what you are selling. Make sure you are aware of the needs of your audience to ensure that you are hitting your target audience. It is also important to understand that in the professional world we live in, people are individuals and they would like to be treated as such. Use your targets first name and use your analytics gathered from hashtags and responses to gain a better understanding on how your readers prefer to be spoken to and what tone resonates with them.

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